Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Edmonton

The tooth’s surface is comprised of microscopic crystalline rods called tooth enamel (the porcelain-like surface of the tooth). Its primary purpose is to preserve the teeth from the damage of chewing, trauma and acids found in sugar etc. However, as we age, so does our enamel. As it begins to wear down, it becomes more transparent and allows the dentin (the material that makes up the core of the tooth, which is yellow in color) to become more visible. As we chew our food, millions of tiny cracks form in the enamel which, along with the space created between the crystalline enamel rods. These spaces are slowly fillled up with debris and stains which cause the tooth to dull in color and stain. When teeth are whitened, the debris and stains are removed from the teeth exposing the enamel cracks, many of which are then mineralized once again by saliva and the.